Mechanical strength

F 06
PTL Tumbling Barrel Test Machine
to determine the mechanical strength of electrical appliances or
electrical components

F 22
PTL Spring-operated Impact-test Apparatuses
for impact tests to demonstrate the level of robustness

F 28
PTL Electric Iron Drop Test Machine
to check the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop

F 40
PTL Pendulum Impact-Test Apparatus
to test the mechanical strength with impact energies of 0,14 J up to 1,0 J

F 46
PTL Lampholder Test Machine

to examine the wear of or the harmful effects on Edison screw lamp holders in normal operation, without electric load

F 53.32
PTL Impact Strength Steel Ball

for testing the mechanical strength and the impact strength by pendulum test resp. by drop test

F 53.60
PTL Coax Test Plug

for mechanical tests on antenna coaxial sockets