Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

F 20
PTL Cord Anchorage Torque Device
for testing the resistance to torque of cord anchorages at electrical appliances provided with non-detachable flexible cords with a diameter up to 10 mm and torques up to 0,5 Nm

F 26
PTL Contact Pressure Measuring Device
to determine the contact pressure of side earthing contacts of two-pole socket-outlets 10/16 A 250 V

F 36
PTL Plug Pin Abrasion Test Machine
to determine the abrasion resistance of insulating sleeves of plug pins by moving backwards and forwards

F 39
PTL Flexing Test Swivel Machine
for continuous bending tests by swivelling movements to check cables or cords fitted with plugs or entries from electric tools and from hand lamps and for continuous bending tests on flexible cords or cables

F 43
for checking the mechanical durability of flexible cords and cables by bending them back and forth.

F 45
PTL Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine

to determine the durability of cable coverings, flexible insulating tubing, coats of lacquer, inscriptions, designations and the like at room temperature by scraping to and fro according to the REPEATED SCRAPE TEST procedure

F 47
PTL Cord Anchorage Test Machine

for testing cable connections with intermittent tensile load

F 58
to test the reliability of clamping devices to hold flexible electrical conductors

T 13
for pressure tests on plug pin insulating sleeves as well as on cords and cables with diameters up to 20 mm at temperatures up to 200 °C with loads up to 11.6 N

T 16
to determine the mechanical strength of insulated cords, cables, couplers, plug pin insulating sleeves and enclosures in the cold