Electrical safety

F 37
PTL Socket-Outlet Torque Balance
for measuring and testing the torque strain exerted by appliances with plug pins on socket-outlets

F 51
PTL Inclined Plane Device

to determine the stability of electric appliances which are used on a table or on the floor

H 06
to test the surge strength of insulations, resistors and capacitors / RC-units in mains operated electronic and related apparatuses for household and similar general use

L 25
for gauging the creepage and clearance distances - in dead state - between parts under voltage in the operating conditions as well as between touchable metal pieces and parts under voltage in the operating conditions, e. g. in installation material, switchgears, plugs, socket-outlets and electric appliances

T 06
PTL Temperature Measuring Board
to measure the temperatures in the bases or in the fixing surfaces for appliances and luminaries in operation

T 24
to determine surface temperatures up to 130 °C on kitchen ranges and similar appliances