F 22

Mechanical strength

PTL Spring-operated Impact-test Apparatuses
Universal Impact-test Hammer F 22.50 with 0.20 J, 0.35 J, 0.50 J, 0.70 J and 1.00 J, five selectable impact energies, for impact tests to demonstrate the level of robustness
according to IEC, EN, VDE and further national standards, detailed description shown in IEC 60068-2-75:1997-08, release mechanism with constructional improvements, however, release force standardized 10 N.
Standard Outfit:
1 body, including release mechanism and striking element guide, mass 1250 g, outside diameter 50 mm,
1 striking element, with cocking knob and with hammer head, face of polyamide, spherical segment shape with a radius of 10 mm, mass 250 g, length approx. 315 mm,
1 release cone, mass 60 g,
1 helical compression spring, mass 9 g,
1 disk with knurled edge to select the impact energy,
total length cocked approx. 350 mm, total mass approx. 1 570 g,
supplied in case of plastics, ready for operation, including PTL work certificate concerning calibration of the five impact energies by means of a calibration device according to IEC 60068-2-75:1997-08 Annex B and concerning release force,
Universal Impact-test Hammer Article No.: F 22.50
Impact-test Hammer F 22.1X as Special Type,
as described above, however with only one fixed impact energy.
Impact energy: Tolerance: Article No.:
0,14 J 0,014 J F 22.10
0,20 J 0,02 J F 22.11
0,35 J 0,035 J F 22.15
0,50 J 0,05 J F 22.16
0,70 J 0,07 J F 22.17
1,00 J 0,1 J F 22.18
Special Type:
F 22.20, as described above, however as Special Type with one fixed impact energy 2.0 J, tolerance of impact energy 0.1 J, striking element with spherical segment shaped striking piece of iron, radius 25 mm, total mass of striking element 500 g, total mass of apparatus 3 630 g,
Impact-test Hammer 2,0 J Article No.: F 22.20
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F22003e109 2010-02-18 2010 PTL Dr. Grabenhorst GmbH, Stadtsteinach, GERMANY