F 28

Mechanical strength

PTL Electric Iron Drop Test Machine 13
to check the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop
according to IEC 60335-2-3 :2008-07 21.10.
Standard Outfit:
1 housing with basic frame, door with pane of polycarbonate and with safety door contact in the front, firmly fitted perforated sheet in the rear with opening for the mains connection cord of the iron,
1 steel plate, at least 15 mm thick, mass at least 15 kg, rigidly supported,
1 lifting device with radial cam for a slow lifting of the specimen for 40 mm, for a sudden release for a free fall and for a rest time on the steel plate of about 15 % of the cycle duration,
1 gear motor, to drive the lifting device, for 20 drops per minute maximum,
1 falling assembly, with tie-bar for fastening the specimen, with 1 pair of distance pieces 40 mm,
1 switchgear, with main switch, fuses and preset counter to switch off the unit after the preset number of drops.
Housing as weldment, papyrus-white structure varnished, steel plate ground, smaller parts black-oxide-finished or of stainless steel, base 500 mm x 340 mm, height approx. 720 mm, for connection to AC 230 V 50 Hz,
Electric Iron Drop Test Machine 13 Article No.: F 28.13
Electric Iron Drop Test Unit 23, consisting of Electric Iron Drop Test Device as above - however without switchgear, and Electric Iron Monitoring Apparatus with voltmeter 250 V, current meter 10 A, fuses and socket-outlet for the specimen, with integrated switchgear for the Electric Iron Drop Test Machine, current / time lag relay combination to switch off the entire test unit if the current is smaller than 1 A for a longer period than set, maximum setting time 10 minutes, automatic cut-off to switch off the entire test unit in case of a short circuit in the specimen, too.
as above, Monitoring Apparatus as 19" plug-in unit with front panel of aluminium, in a portable housing, papyrus-white structure varnished, for connection to AC 230 V 50 Hz,
Electric Iron Drop Test Unit 23 Article No.: F 28.23
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