V 32

Testing of insulating materials

PTL Density Test Funnel Device
to determine the apparent density of moulding material consisting of powders or grains that can be poured from a specified funnel
according to DIN EN ISO 60 :2000-01.
Standard Outfit:
1 funnel, inner diameter 56 mm with taper to diameter 33 mm, capacity approx. 200 ml, inside surface highly polished,
1 drop bottom, with handle,
1 stand including base plate, with adjustable holder for the funnel,
1 measuring cylinder, inner diameter 45 mm, capacity 100ml, inside surface highly polished,
3 spikes for a reliable electrically conductive connection between the measuring cylinder and the base plate,
1 bar with straight edges, for wiping.
Funnel, measuring cylinder, stand rod and drop bottom of corrosion resisting chromium-nickel steel, base plate and funnel holder of anodized aluminium,
Density Test Funnel Device Aeticle No.: V 32.02
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V3200003e109 2010-05-07 2010 PTL Dr. Grabenhorst GmbH, Stadtsteinach, GERMANY