F 36

Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

PTL Plug Pin Abrasion Test Machine 16
to determine the abrasion resistance of insulating sleeves of plug pins by moving backwards and forwards
according to IEC 60884-1 :2006-07 § 24.7 and 30.2 Fig. 28
EN 50075 :1990-07 § 13.3 Fig. 
DIN VDE 0620-1 :2005-04 § 24.7 and 30.2 Fig. 29
Standard Outfit:
1 carrier, stroke 9 mm, with support for clamping the specimens with plug pin inclined 10° to the horizontal,
1 eccentric drive unit with geared motor, for 30 movements of the carrier per minute,
1 beam, with scraping head, including holding device for the steel wire, with adjustable counterweight,
1 set of weights, for loading forces up to 5 N in steps of 0.1 N,
10 steel wires, diameter 1 mm, bent into a rectangular U-shape, base of the U being for 6 mm length straight,
1 electrical predetermining counter, 5-digit, resettable, indicating the number of strokes,
1 electric control device, with automatic disconnection of the motor when reaching the predetermined number of strokes, with push-button for inching with the object of setting,
1 eccentric disc for lifting the scraping head.
Steel sheet housing, system 19", sprayed with papyrus-white structure varnish, width approx. 510 mm, height approx. 210 mm, depth approx. 300 mm, some steel parts black-oxide-finished, aluminium parts anodized, for connection to AC 230 V, 50 Hz,
Plug Pin Abrasion Test Machine 16 Article No.: F 36.16
Plug Pin Abrasion Test Machine 36, similar to F 36.16, however for 3 specimens, with 3 geared motors, 3 predetermining counters, 3 electric control devices and 3 carriers with speci¬men supports, 3 beams and 3 sets of weights, width approx. 510 mm, height approx. 570 mm, depth approx. 400 mm,
Plug Pin Abrasion Test Machine 36 Article No.: F 36.36
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