F 26

Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

PTL Contact Pressure Measuring Device
to determine the contact pressure of side earthing contacts of two-pole socket-outlets 10/16 A 250 V
according to CEE 7 :1963-05 18 Fig. 23,
VDE 0620-1 :2005-04 18.1 and 21 Fig. 14
Standard Outfit:
1 body, milled of steel, with marks for indication of the distance 16 mm between lever bale and median line of the body,
2 levers, pivoted in the body, lower ends barreled, upper ends with eyelets for the wire bow and with marks,
1 wire bow to hook into the eyelets of the levers, with eyelet for fastening the force indicator,
1 fixing screw, with 4 spring loaded pins to secure the device in the specimen,
2 knurled screws to separate the lever bales for 48 hours-test.
Body black-oxide-finished, levers partially hardened and black-oxide-finished, other parts black-oxide-finished or of stainless steel,
Contact Pressure Measuring Device Article No.: F 26.10
Force Indicator designed as a spring loaded pull dynamometer, for measuring tractive forces up to 10 N,
Force Indicator Article No.: F 26.31
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F26003e109 2010-02-18 2010 PTL Dr. Grabenhorst GmbH, Stadtsteinach, GERMANY