F 46

Mechanical strength

PTL Lampholder Test Machine
to examine the wear of or the harmful effects on Edison screw lamp holders in normal operation, without electric load
according to IEC 60238 :2008-08 18 Fig. 4 and Fig. 5.
Standard outfit:
1 worm drive, with pull tape, with rope pulley of diameter 102 mm effectively, with weight carrier, with a device to select E 14-, E 27- and E 40-guide thread, with a shaft stub to fasten the test cap,
1 geared motor, with crank, speed 15 rpm, mounted on the casing,
1 adapter for taking up the specimen, central axis movable and turn able to be in alignment with the axis of the test cap, to be secured sturdily by clamping, on a holding trestle, mounted movable on the base support, with a threaded rod at the top to support the thrust,
1 base support, 650 mm long, with 2 bearing bases, mounted on the casing,
1 control unit with main switch with EMER-GENCY STOP function, push buttons "I" and "O" and predetermining counter,
1 monitoring unit with proximity switch to realize the mechanical limit position of the test cap and with an extra-low voltage power supply to verify the contact making of the specimen,
1 casing containing the control unit, protection hood with a safety switch.
Casing of sheet steel, papyrus-white structure varnished, protection hood made of aluminium profiles, steel parts browned or nickel-plated, floor space of the casing 700 mm x 380 mm, total height approx. 440 mm with protection hood closed, for operation on top of a table with a height of approx. 800 mm because of the up-and-down motion of the weight pieces, for connection to 230 V 50 Hz,
Lampholder Test Machine Article No.: F 46.07
Test Cap with suitable weight to apply the prescribed screw-in torque,
Test Cap lampholder thread E14 with weight 0.8 / 2 kg Article No.: F 46.36
Test Cap lampholder thread E27 with weight 3 kg Article No.: F 46.37
Test Cap lampholder thread E40 with weight 6 kg Article No.: F 46.38
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