F 51

Electrical safety

PTL Inclined Plane Device
to determine the stability of electric appliances which are used on a table or on the floor
according to IEC 60065 :2005-12 19.1,
IEC 60335-1 :2006-09 20.1,
IEC 60950 :2005-12 4.1.
Standard Outfit:
1 table board, with stiffening frame,
1 base frame with hinges for the stiffening frame and for the spindle bearing,
1 threaded spindle with handwheel for adjusting the incline of the table board from the horizontal up to 30 against the horizontal,
1 lifting nut, of red brass, articulated in the jib of the stiffening frame,
1 knurled nuts at the threaded spindle, for adjusting the maximum incline,
1 flat steel bar, approx. 3 mm high, approx. 20 mm wide, screwed on the table board, detachable, to prevent the sample from sliding.
Table board of block board, plastic laminated on both sides, approx. 25 mm thick, stiffening frame and base frame welded of rectangular tubes, papyrus-white structure varnished,
Table area: max. load: Article No.:
Inclined Plane Device 13 500 mm x 500 mm 50 kg F 51.13
Inclined Plane Device 15 700 mm x 700 mm 75 kg F 51.15
Inclined Plane Device 17 1 000 mm x 1 000 mm 100 kg F 51.17
Special Outfit:
Inclination Angle Measuring Instrument, to mount at the table board, consisting of a protractor with adjustable spirit level for checking the angle of inclination of the table board,
Inclination Angle Measuring Instrument Article No.: F 51.63
Railing to catch the samples with insufficient stability, mounted on to the stiffening frame of the table board,
Railing Article No.: F 57.7X
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