F 39

Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

PTL Flexing Test Swivel Machines
for cont inuous bending tests by swivelling movements to check cables or cords fitted with plugs or entries from electric tools and from hand lamps
according to IEC 60884-1 :2006-07 23.4 Fig. 21,
and for continuous bending tests on flexible cords or cables
according to IEC 60227-2 2003-04 3.2 Fig. 2.
Flexing Test Swivel Machine 41 for mechanical tests of 1 or 2 samples, swivel angle changeable to 22.5, 45 and 90, swivel frequency adjustable from 0.3 Hz to 1 Hz.
Standard outfit:
1 rigid Housing, made as weldment of steel profiles and rectangular steel tubes with metal sheet covering, and protective window with safety switch inside to cover the
swivel angle adjustment and the connecting rod,
1 Chassis to accommodate the control unit, with front panel, with the components: Main switch with EMERGENCY STOP function, pilot lamp for mains voltage on, fuses for the control unit and for the drive motor, frequency indicating instrument and rotary knob, predetermining counter, 6 digits, start and stop push-buttons and switch "Inching" for setting the swivel head,
1 Drive unit for the swivelling movement with geared motor, gearwheel with slip friction clutch, reduction gearwheel, crank disk with set bores to set the swivel angles, connecting rod with 2 bearing heads, transmission shaft and hollow output shaft with welded flange to fix the swivel head or other adapters,
1 Slide unit, with spindle for fine adjustment of the height and with 2 clamp bars for coarse height adjustment, can be mounted at a turn of 90, too,
1 Swivel head, mounted on the support of the slide unit, with swivel main plate, with 2 bushings, for carrying the adapters F 39.7X and with 2 fitting plates for right angle plugs,with arresting pins for arresting the bushings at two positions, which are turned by 90,
1 Guidance for the samples, metal plate with elongated holes as guides, with 4 distance rods for distance of 250 mm underneath the swivelling axis, convertible to 300 mm, and 2 frames,
2 sets of Loading weights, for sample loads from 5 N to 60 N, that means from approx. 0.5 kg to approx. 6.0 kg, with each 1 weight carrier 5 N with clamping kit, 1 weight piece 5 N, 1 weight piece 10 N and 2 weight pieces 20 N, weights can be easily added or removed by means of threads.
Floor type housing, of sheet steel, papyrus-white structure varnished, swivel head mainly of anodized aluminium, weights and parts of the swivelling gear black-oxide-finished, small parts black-oxide-finished or of stainless steel, for connection to A.C. 230 V 50 Hz,
Flexing Test Swivel Machine 41 Article No.: F 39.41
Flexing Test Swivel Machines 44 and 46, for mechanical tests of 1 or 2 samples, swivel angle changeable to 22.5, 45 and 90, swivel frequency adjustable from 0.3 Hz to 1 Hz, and with equipment to load the samples with current,
for 1 sample or 2 samples connected in series, by low voltage, current of the loaded conductors adjustable together
from 0.5...16 A (F 39.44) resp. 0.5...32 A (F 39.46), voltage between the conductors = mains voltage,
with monitoring unit to switch off the test machine and to indicate faults in the case of short circuit or break in the loaded conductors and in the additional slightly loaded conductors, fault indication without possibility to recognize, in which of the samples the fault occurs,
mounted into the housing, fitted with a two wing protective cabinet with safety switches inside,
Connection of one sample to each one set of terminals in the lower part of the housing and at the swivel head. Connection of two samples to two terminal sets in the lower part of the housing, and by bridging at the swivel head.
Number of
current loaded
Voltage between current loaded conductors Additional
slightly loaded
for connection to
(mains voltage)
Article No.:
2 230 V changeable: 0 or 1 A.C. 230 V 50 Hz F 39.44
2 230 V changeable: 0 or 1 A.C. 3 x 400 V 50 Hz F 39.45
or 3 3 x 400 V and 0, 1 or 2
Adapter to take up and to connect the samples:
Adapter to take up one plug with side earthing contacts according to CEE 7 Standard Sheet IV,
Plug Adapter Article No.: F 39.71
Adapter to take up one connector according to IEC 60320-1 Standard Sheet C7,
Connector Adapter Article No.: F 39.73
Other adapters for plugs, connectors, couplers and so on: on request
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