F 45

Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

PTL Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine
to determine the durability of cable coverings, flexible insulating tubing, coats of lacquer, inscriptions, designations and the like at room temperature by scraping to and fro according to the REPEATED SCRAPE TEST procedure
according to DIN 29 867 :1979-11 4.3.3, 4.3.4, 5.1.9 and 5.1.10 Fig. 2.
Standard Outfit:
1 drive unit, with eccentric drive, speed 60 rpm, stroke 10 mm,
1 scraping head rod with rotation bearing and with arresting device,
1 scraping head with holding device for the test mandrels, with rod to guide the weight pieces, each 10 test mandrels 0.45 mm and 0.6 mm,
1 sliding plate for the linear movement and height adjustable specimen support with clamping jaws for specimens with diameters up to 12 mm,
1 set of weights, for load of the test mandrel, with weight pieces for loads with a total mass from 150 g up to 1 750 g in steps of 10 g,
1 electronic predetermining pulse counter, 5-digit, to indicate the number of cycles and to disconnect the machine when reaching the preselected number of cycles,
1 control device, electric circuit for disconnection with maximally 50 V DC, disconnect-ing current approx. 0.05 A, "ON/OFF"-switch, "START"- and "STOP"-button, and switch "FAULT" to indicate that the insulation of the specimen support has been scraped off.
19"-rack with steel sheet housing, papyrus-white structure varnished, width approx. 510 mm, height approx. 250 mm, depth approx. 370 mm, parts made of stainless steel, anodized aluminium or black-oxide-finished steel, with mains connecting cord set, for connection to 230 V 50 Hz,
Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine Article No.: F 45.61
Spare parts:
Test mandrels: steel grade X 12 CrNi 17 7 according to DIN 17 224, made of round spring wire according to DIN 2076, dimensional accuracy C, smooth, polished, without surface refinement,
Test mandrels, 50 pieces, diameter 0.45 mm Article No.: F 45.83
Test mandrels, 50 pieces, diameter 0.6 mm Article No.: F 45.87
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