F 47

Cables, plugs, socket-outlets

PTL Cord Anchorage Test Machine
for testing cable connections with intermittent tensile load
according to IEC 60065, IEC 60238, IEC 60320-1, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60598-1, IEC 60884-1,
IEC 60950, IEC 61010-1.
Standard Outfit:
1 base frame with inset wooden plate, housing of steel sheet,
1 eccentric disc, diameter 125 mm, eccentricity 32.5 mm,
1 A.C. geared motor with additional gear reduction to approx. 50 rpm,
1 lever for the specimen, with track wheel,
1 weight holder with precise height adjustment and clamping mechanism with various gripping dies to match the cord size and shape,
1 set of weights for loads from 10 N to 200 N in steps of 10 N,
1 switch unit with contactor, thermal excess-current fuses and electrical predetermining counter, six-digit, resettable, to indicate the number of strokes.
Steel weldment, papyrus-white structure varnished, lever made of anodized aluminium, some parts black-oxide-finished or of stainless steel, in the front a door with pane of polycarbonate and with door switch, in the rear a fixed pane of polycarbonate, base area approx. 240 mm x 540 mm, total height approx. 860 mm, for connection to A.C. 230 V 50 Hz,
Cord Anchorage Test Machine 35 Article No.: F 47.35
Further weights for e. g. tests in accordance with IEC 60309-1 and VDE 0623-1: on request
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