Company's History
PTL is a continuation of an electrical workshop founded in 1947 in Bamberg by Master Engineer Georg Müller under the name PHYS.-TECHN. LABOR. In the course of time, test equipment took a dominating role in the manufacturing programme.
In 1965, the domicile was transferred to Stadtsteinach. The company was taken over after the death of the founder in 1974 by Dr.-Ing. Dieter Grabenhorst. Since the 1st of January 1984, the registered name is PTL Dr. Grabenhorst GmbH. In 1986 the buildings were acquired and enlarged, where PTL is accommodated today.
The following years stood out for continuous expanding on the areas quality assurance, product and production improvement as well as international partnerships.
Dr. Grabenhorst retired end of 2005 and his son Juergen Grabenhorst took over the company. In September 2007 anniversary - 60 Years of PTL - was celebrated.
PTL's Manufacturing Programme
Apart from products made to specification, today's programme comprises these fundamental groups:
mechanical strength: test equipment to demonstrate the level of robustness, the durability, the impact strength as well as the resistance against wear, harmful effects and deformation,
test equipment to prove the degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code),
electrical safety, comprising e.g. test equipment for surge test, gauges for creepage and air distances, temperature measuring equipment,
breaking capacity and behaviour in normal use of switches as well as plugs and socket-outlets, being actuated by test units while subjected to electrical load,
resistance to heat and fire: test equipment for plastics to verify the fire resistance, the resistance to tracking and to deformation, when subjected to heat,
test equipment for cables, plugs, socket-outlets concerning e.g. cord anchorage, flexibility, behaviour when subjected to high or low temperatures and abrasion resistance,
testing of insulating materials: test equipment concerning characteristics of raw materials.
Our products enable testing which are stated in different standards and publications of which the most important are:
the Publications of the International Electro technical Commission (IEC),
the European Standards accepted by the Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique CENELEC (EN),
the Regulations of the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE),
the Standards of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN),
as well as comparable national and international standards and regulations.
Aim and Purpose of PTL Test Equipment
By means of PTL testing equipment proof can be furnished, that products and prefabricated items meet the required standards concerning safety, suitability and reliability. Therefore, quality and testing laboratories would be unthinkable without our test equipment.
Constantly rising prices effect that the following question gains more and more emphasis:
"How can be technical safety and high-quality standards maintained, even if materials and working hours are economized?"
The PTL test equipment is at your disposal for the objective answer on those questions.
Die Produktunterlagen
Since we are addressing ourselves to the respective specialists, we have, in our prospectuses, maintained the sober language of technicians, free from customary superlatives.
PTL product information is available in English and German language as printed prospectuses - combined to a complete catalogue, too - and as PDF-files.
There is an individual prospectus on every product or product family.
At top of the prospectus is stated for which test objects and test criteria the respective PTL test equipment is suitable. In the following there is pointed at the relevant regulations. In the main part, the standard outfit and the design are defined in detail.
For a lot of standards we can make product schedules available. These schedules give a survey concerning the tests pointed out in the respective standard, which can be performed by means of the PTL test equipment.
The Customers
Among our customers are e.g. testing institutes for electrical safety and accident research, for industrial supervision, Technical Control Boards as well as the electrical industry and the plastics industry. PTL has customers in almost all regions in the world. In the following countries we are already represented:
Algeria Belgium Czech Rep. China Greece
Great Britain Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia
Israel Italy Japan Korea Luxembourg
Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Pakistan Singapore
Slovakia Spain South Africa Taiwan Thailand
Tunisia Turkey Vietnam
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